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Help topics that apply to teachers, staff, and the Teacher App

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Record an Activity with Schedule filtersWhen recording an activity for the entire class, filter students based on their schedule.
Staff hours overview for staff on mobileView your scheduled hours and clock in and out times.
Toggle quick signHow to quickly sign multiple students in or out
Staff Clock-In/Out on their DeviceHow staff can clock-in or out on their device.
Kiosk Mode — 4-digit PIN codeA guide to setting up a mobile device as a sign-in/out kiosk that takes family PIN codes.
Student check-in by staffStaff can check students in and out using the Roster tile on the Teacher app.
How to complete a teacher wellness checkA guide to completing your own health check on the Teacher App.
How to mark a student as absent in the Teacher AppYou can note that a student is absent and the reason for their absence in the Teacher App.
Edit an activity or postEdit a previously recorded student activity in the Teacher or Administrator App.
Program check-in and check-outHow to check a student in or out of an extracurricular program
Kiosk modeOpen your QR code for families to check students in and out.
Classroom transition for students on mobileTransition students between multiple classrooms throughout the day
Name to faceComplete a Name to face check-in for your classroom to make sure all students are present.
Staff transitionsTransition classrooms as a Staff member.
Record a lesson activity through an observation post
Enrolling in Playground Payroll for StaffGet ready to get paid in under 5 minutes!