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Mar 18, 2024 | Time Off Requests, Newsletters, and Mileage Tracking
Mar 18, 2024 | Time Off Requests, Newsletters, and Mileage Tracking

5 releases, 13 improvements, 3 fixes in this week's release

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This week comes with many new launches!

First, staff can now submit time-off requests directly from the app. Staff are able to select days and reasons for when and why they are requesting time off, that can then be approved by an admin with permissions to do so. This will automatically update expected ratios and schedules so you can ensure you will always be compliant.

We also launched newsletters this week. You can send bright and colorful newsletters out to your families with a fully featured email builder. You or your staff can include photos, text, links, and more. We set up 2 templates within Playground to get you started and are excited to see what you create. If you have a template you want to share with other Playground users, let us know and we can add it to our template library.

We also launched mileage tracking this week. You can now record all of your vehicles and trips to ensure you are maximizing your deductions when filing taxes.

Every week we are adding new payroll functionality as well. We now support weekly payrolls and contractor only payrolls. If you are interested in Playground Payroll, please sign up for our waitlist to get early access as more providers are getting off the list each week!


  • Added time off requests for staff — allow your staff to put in time-off / PTO requests directly through the app

  • Added newsletters — fully designed emails sent out to families

  • Mileage launched! Record your mileage for tax purposes directly in Playground

  • Able to run contractor only payrolls

  • Added support for weekly payroll


  • Enrollment forecasting is now 30-50x faster to load

  • Added student notes report

  • Home screen greatly improved UX

  • Added service dates to recording deposits

  • Able to set camp plan invoice and due dates when creating a new plan

  • Able to have conditional logic on single choice student custom fields

  • Supercharged Playground support — our team can now directly help you in app

  • Improved viewing of already ran payrolls

  • Tons of roles updates! Get more granular with roles and permissions for staff

  • Staff forms now support multiple submissions settings

  • Staff forms now have an editable setting

  • Much easier to view multiple staff form submissions

  • More clarity around families that are not being included on autopay because their students are inactive


  • Fixed enterprise push notifications

  • Kiosk now shows guardian sign on programs

  • Improved sign in navigation for staff with restricted roles

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