Login to the Admin Dashboard and click on the "Billing" and then on "Fee Approvals" on the left hand side. You'll notice two tabs at the top of the screen, one for Overages and one for Program enrollments. No overages or program fees will ever be charged automatically, they are considered pending charges until they are charged or forgiven from this page. "Charge" will bill the guardians and "forgive" will remove the pending charge.


Overage charges are calculated based on your Scheduling Settings. You can find your scheduling settings by clicking on "Settings" on the left hand side of the Admin Dashboard and then on the "Scheduling" tab at the top. Your overage billing rate must first be setup before overages can be charged.

Once your rate has been set, Playground can start to calculate overage charges for students based on their attendance times. In the example above, the center charges $1/minute of overtime with a 0 minute grace period. This means that for every extra minute, beyond a student's regular scheduled time, the guardians should be charged $1/minute.

When navigating to the Fee Approvals and the Overages tab, you can search for a specific student, select a specific week, or filter by classroom. You'll be able to see the total amount of overtime per day for each student and the fee associated with that time. Once you've selected your criteria, you will click "Charge" or "Forgive" near each student's name.

Program enrollments:

If a program has a fee associated with it, the Fee Approvals and Program enrollments tab will allow you to charge the pending fee. This tab will list each student that is enrolled in a program that charges a fee. You will see which program the student is enrolled in and the fee associated with it. From the right hand side, select to "Charge" or "Forgive" each program enrollment fee near a student's name.

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