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See a family's charges from the Admin DashboardView an entire family's charges from the Admin Dashboard.
Switching to Payments PlusInstructions on how migrate to Payments Plus to receive faster payouts.
Billing: Add ChargesCreate charges for your students
Send overdue reminderRemind guardians of their overdue balance by sending them an email
Calculations in amount fieldsMake percentage and flat rate calculations in amount fields.
Changing a billing plan in the middle of the year
Delete a creditRemove a credit from a student's account if it was made in error or no longer applies.
Balance adjustmentsAdjust balances within a family if one sibling is overpaid and one is overdue.
Recurring program charges through enrollment
How to bill by the day, hour, or minuteSet up daily billing based on attendance
Charge new students immediately after acceptance
Why SSN and personal information is required for StripeStripe collects your information with complete security and purpose.
Split familyHow to group guardians together and charge each group separately.
Fee ApprovalsOverage charges and program enrollment fees must be approved or waived by an admin in the Admin Dashboard.
Charging multiple students or siblings at one timeHow to charge multiple students, the same amount, at one time.
Charging a guardian's payment methodCharge the guardian's payment method on file on their behalf.
Enabling mandatory autopay for guardiansEnsuring payments are made when a guardian adds a credit/debit card/ACH for autopay
OveragesCharge guardians for checking out after the student's scheduled time.
Change a student's billing frequencyEdit whether a student should be billed on a monthly or weekly cadence.
Edit student billing frequencies in bulkChange students in your dashboard to a weekly or monthly billing cadence, in bulk.
Enterprise-level billingBilling for admins with multiple centers.
Proration for created chargesProrating created charges for students
Mark a payout as reconciledReconcile a bank payout once you've verified it has been deposited into your account.
Billing plans tabView all recurring billing plans in your Admin dashboard.
Disputed PaymentsLearn what the dispute process is like, and how to handle a disputed payment.
Semi-monthly billingCharges that are due on two different calendar dates per month.