View payouts to your bank account.

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In the Admin Dashboard, navigate to the Billing tab and then click "Overview". On the right hand side, near the Create charge button click "Payouts" to open your Payouts dashboard.

The Payouts dashboard will show four columns:

  • Amount: the amount of money you will receive in your bank account for a specific payout to your bank

  • Destination: the bank account where you will receive your payout

  • Initiated: the date the payout was sent to your bank. You can pick which 2 days your payouts are initiated. Payouts are initiated on Mondays and Wednesdays by default.

  • Arrival date: the date that you received the funds in your bank account. This is typically one day after the initiated date

To see specific information on a single payout, click the three dots to the right of a payout listed and click "View". The payout overview will let you know the payout status, date initiated and date to expect the payout in your account, and how the payout will show up on your bank statement. You'll also see the specific bank information that was setup to receive your Playground payouts. The Summary section will let you know if any payments failed.

At the very bottom of the specific payouts page, you'll see a Transactions section that shows an itemized list of student's payments that are included in this payout.

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