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May 13, 2024 | Payroll General Availability, Autopay/Invoices Update Emails, & Custom Report Previews
May 13, 2024 | Payroll General Availability, Autopay/Invoices Update Emails, & Custom Report Previews

3 releases, 17 improvements, 5 fixes; Mobile v515

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Payroll is now officially in general availability! This is available to all child care businesses besides multi-sites & non-profits outside of California, Florida, New York, & Texas (we're working tirelessly to make sure these program types will be able to use Playground Payroll as soon as possible).

Folks who have switched to Playground Payroll were able to replace Gusto, ADP, Quickbooks, and/or Paychex as their payroll provider. Seamlessly pay your employees with our state of the art embedded payroll functionality. The platform automatically files taxes with local, state, and federal agencies, produces W2s & 1099s, direct deposits with deductions and tax calculations. You can also enroll in benefits and 401(k) through our automatic integration partners.

If you're switching from an existing provider, our team will even migrate your historical payroll data for you! You can get started under the Payroll tab of your dashboard or reach out to us if you have any questions.


  • Payroll is now in general availability!

  • Billing period summary & autopay reminders! We are doing a slow roll out, so expect to start seeing this in your inbox the day before autopay starting in the next few days

  • Added a table preview to custom reports — you can now view them in browser before downloading them


  • More benefit information is displayed when processing payroll

  • Creating a new school now allows you to duplicate tons of data from a “template“ school for enterprise users

  • Added better helpers to not allow duplicate custom fields on enterprise

  • Improved the name to face flow on the mobile app

  • No longer see inactive staff when running payroll

  • Payroll tables are now paginated with a view more button so only the most relevant information is visible

  • Improved the feature activation pages for each of our features. It will now give more information and insight into what each feature does

  • Providers can now view all imported payrolls from their previous provider

  • Added `isCheck` to sleeping report to make it more clear what was a check vs a full nap

  • Can now delete documents directly from the student paperwork folder

  • Draft and upcoming payrolls are now easier to create from the payroll homepage

  • Removed old enrollment option where parents could select days of week they were coming in favor of before/after care selection + schedules

  • Added routing for parents for live chat to better assist with common questions automatically

  • Camp billing can now be invoiced on the day camp starts

  • Able to only allow full week selection on camp listings on enrollment

  • Added monthly menu print-outs

  • Able to generate statements directly from the statements table for multiple families at once (or the entire school!)


  • Fixed a visual glitch with Playground Credit Cards that showed disputed transactions incorrectly

  • Fixed bug with parents viewing student schedules on the mobile app showing too much information

  • Fixed bug where some downloads of CSV’s with commas would be incorrectly formatted

  • Student program enrollments tab now shows all enrollments

  • Fixed issue where emails were failing due to attachments being too large on emails

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