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May 27, 2024 | Drop-in Care Beta & Homepage Coming Soon
May 27, 2024 | Drop-in Care Beta & Homepage Coming Soon

2 releases, 34 improvements, 7 fixes; mobile v516

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Playground is moving faster! We have brought on more engineering talent and are hiring for more. You should see the pace of our development continuously increasing so that we can build you the best child care management system out there :)

Drop-in care is now in beta! If you want to allow families to book care directly through Playground, they can now check availability, book times, and pay, all through the app. You can use this to fill up any open spots or seats and set your own pricing and availability.

Playground is also building a homepage for you to see all of the most important charts, graphs, and information about your school in one place. Please reach out to use if you have ideas for different data or chart that you would like to see when we release this in the next few weeks!


  • Drop-in care is in beta! Please reach out to your rep if you'd like this turned on for your school

  • Coming soon — single site and enterprise dashboards. We added 7 new enterprise graphs and dashboards. Let us know what you'd want to see on a dashboard home page


  • Able to filter by autopay status on invoices table

  • Added totals rows to more payment reports

  • Payroll now pre-populates PTO and overtime hours

  • Recording mileage now tries to pre-fill information based on previous trips to the same place

  • Able to create mileage entries when recording new expenses

  • Able to add check numbers when paying out staff with checks

  • Added invoice summary numbers to the top of invoices table

  • Able to see next payment date on invoices table

  • Able to bulk download latest invoices sent out to families

  • Adding expenses now shows more information on categorizations

  • Greatly improved transferring students between locations

  • Enrollment now supports split family billing

  • Staff hours reports now include a lot more information

  • Student name now shows when switching between accounts

  • Able to un-review a paperwork submission

  • Staff paperwork now has total incomplete badges

  • Able to add or subtract weeks at a time on the resource view for schedules

  • Daily attendance fee approvals now shows first and last check-in time

  • Pulling old custom reports now has better loading states

  • Admins can now view student schedules on the mobile app

  • Able to review paperwork directly on the student profile

  • Improved the Kisi door lock onboarding process

  • Improved searching and sorting on the staff table

  • Added a disabled payments banner when payments are turned off by the admin

  • Able to skip inactive recipients when creating a post

  • Before and after care now supports same start and end time on enrollment plans

  • Labels on documents look a lot cleaner when generating PDFs now

  • Student names are now clickable on all tables

  • Lesson activities page now has much more information on the table

  • Lesson activities can now be filtered by classroom and category

  • Playground will now help you upload any staff rosters that fail

  • Added a print button to the payroll summary screen

  • If trying to add a staff member that already exists, a banner will let you know and make it easy to mark the staff as active

  • Newsletters can be sent from the center's reply-to email instead of the user’s email


  • Fixed issue with being able to click into a loading row on tables

  • Fixed editing full day calendar events

  • Fixed issue with updating staff names not taking effect

  • Fixed issue with birthday exports on enrollment showing in different formats

  • Quick sign students now respects classroom settings for signatures required

  • Fixed filters hiding the table on custom reports

  • Fixed issue where regenerating documents would not paste labels

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