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Jun 3, 2024 | Enterprise Enrollment Dashboards & Archiving Chats
Jun 3, 2024 | Enterprise Enrollment Dashboards & Archiving Chats

2 releases, 15 improvements, 2 fixes; mobile v516

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The focus this week and next week are around adding polish. As we onboard new programs, staff, and families to Playground this summer, we're ensuring every experience feels snappy and smooth. You should start noticing different parts of Playground getting small facelifts and feeling faster to use. If you find an area that's slow, please reach out and let our team know as we'd love to improve the experience for you.

As enrollment for summer camp ramps up and finalizes, we added multi-site enrollment dashboards to make it easier to track applications across multiple locations. It's now easy to see the exact changes and new applications in one place.

Also as summer camp starts, many school year chats are no longer needed. Instead of deleting chats that may contain pictures and information that you want to keep, you can archive chats to prevent new messages from being sent. This way, it is all still searchable and stored on Playground, but families and staff will use the correct chats to communicate.

Enrollment management for multi-site


  • Enterprise enrollment dashboard is now in beta! Manage all your enrollments in one place

  • Able to archive chats instead of deleting them


  • More charts and graphs on our dashboards

  • GL codes added to transaction tables

  • Able to edit accounting codes on credits

  • GL codes added to revenue summary report

  • Able to bulk update billing plan GL codes

  • Student names now show on switch accounts everywhere

  • Improved error messages when editing a listing plan

  • Able to add descriptions on bulk deposits

  • Sped up the entire website for programs with many applications

  • Paperwork is now much faster for all new paperwork created

  • Drop-in care got another round of polish across the board

  • Added more options to cloning locations

  • Able to filter programs by other program enrollments

  • Able to see when family payment methods were added and who it belongs to

  • Listing plans can now have the same start and end time for before/after school


  • Removed issue with sibling refunds showing on single student statements

  • Fixed new lines not being respected on student notes

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