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How to record an offline payment
How to record an offline payment

A guide to recording payments that aren't processed by debit, credit, or ACH through Playground's Payments feature.

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Offline payments are any payment that aren't processed directly by Playground, like cash, check, or PayPal payments. You can still use Playground's Payments features to keep track of these payments. There are no fees for offline transactions or recording them—for more information, see this article on Playground transactions fees.

How to record an offline payment

On the Administrator Dashboard, navigate to the Transactions tab under the Billing section. Click the "Record offline payment" button on the upper right of the screen.

A Record Offline Payment pop-up will open with fields for the student name, payment amount, payment method, and descriptions, as well as a box to check if the payment is tax deductible, a subsidy, or donation. If you select "Check" as the payment method, a checkbox will appear to let you mark whether the check has been deposited.

When all the appropriate information is entered, click "Record $ payment."

You'll be returned to the Debit Transactions page with a notification that the payment was successfully recorded. You can now view the recording of this offline payment by clicking "Credits" at the top of the screen near Debits.

You can also view offline payments recorded for a specific student by navigating to the student's profile page. On the Administrator Dashboard, under the Students tab, use the search bar to find a student and then click on their name. This will bring you to their profile. Click on the "Payments" tab, and under the "Payments" section click "Credits."

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