Create a lesson plan

Set up a new lesson plan for the week.

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From the Admin Dashboard, click on the Lessons tab. Prior to creating a new Lesson plan, be sure to add your Lesson Activities.

Click on the Lesson Plans sub-header on the left hand side. Click "New lesson plan" in the top right corner. The Create new lesson plan window will appear. Begin be giving your Lesson plan a title, assigning it to a specific week, and specifying classrooms if not for all classrooms in your dashboard.

Next, click the "Add row" button and enter a section title, such as Morning Activity, to create a grouping for your activities. Click "Add activity" under the day of the week for which you'd like to add an activity for. Select a Lesson activity from the drop-down menu in the Select lesson activity window.

Add in as many activities to the grouping as you'd like. You can also add additional rows, such as Afternoon activity, to differentiate activities done in one day. Right below each date, you can enter a note for the day, like a daily theme. At the very bottom of page, you can add in an internal-only note.

Once completed with the week's Lesson plan, double check the lesson plan settings in the top right hand corner. Click "Save" once completed.

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