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Post a lesson plan to the Feed
Post a lesson plan to the Feed

Record once a lesson plan has been completed.

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From the Admin or Teacher app, select the three lines in the top left corner of the screen to open the menu. Tap "Lessons". Tap today's date or the specific date you'd like to record the lesson for, using the date buttons at the top of the screen. The Lesson activities scheduled for the day selected will appear in their respective category (ie. "Morning Activity"). Any internal weekly notes will be visible above all Lesson activities.

Tap the specific lesson you'd like to record to the Feed. Review the Lesson activity details and then tap "Post" in the top right corner. Select the specific student or group of students that completed the Lesson activity. Record any specific notes or milestones for a particular student and then tap "Post" in the top right corner.

The Observation post type will be posted to the corresponding student's feeds.

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