Custom post types

Create custom posts for your center's needs.

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Locate the custom post type dashboard

Click on Feed on the lefthand side of your view.

Click on "Post settings" in the Filters section of your Feed.

You will be directed to the Post settings dashboard. Click on "Custom post types".

Your current custom post types will be reflected in the dropdown menu. Click on "Add custom post type".

Customize your new post type

When first creating your custom post type in the Edit custom post menu, ensure that the following fields are fully filled out:

  1. Icon - the displayed graphic when selecting your post type

  2. Post type - the name, or label, of the post

  3. Settings: Post details - allows further customization for attaching forms, having editable start and end times, and more

Once the fields have been properly filled out, click "Save" to finalize your newly created custom post type.

Your newly created custom post type will now be reflected in your Post settings dashboard and will be ready for immediate use!

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