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How to send a message to all families
How to send a message to all families

Create a post that is sent out to the whole school.

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From the Admin Dashboard, click on the Feed tab on the left hand side. Type out your message in the text field at the top. Next, click the Select recipients button.

Select the "All students" checkbox and "All staff" if needed. Click the Save recipients button at the bottom right.

Select the method that you'd like the post to go out as. Your options are:

  • App notification - Sends a notification to the users app that a new post has been made

  • Email - Sends the post in the form of an email to the guardian emails on file

  • SMS(text message) - Sends the post as a text message to guardian phone numbers on file

You can select more than one at a time! For example, the post can be sent as both an App notification and an Email.

Click "Post" in the bottom right corner of the post to complete.

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