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Upload view-only files for guardians

The Resources tab within Student paperwork is a perfect location to upload and view-only files such as a student handbook or policies for your center. Resources are exclusive to the Student paperwork tab.

Click on Student paperwork to locate your student files then click on Resources to locate your current view-only files.

Create your new resource

In the Resources tab, click the blue "Create" button and select "New view-only resource".

You will be directed to the New view-only resource window where you can:

  1. Enter the name of the file

  2. Enter the description of the file

  3. Upload the file for guardians

  4. Click "Create resource" to finalize your new resource

Share your new resource

By default, newly created resources are shared with all students in your account. To edit the recipients for resource, click on the ellipsis(. . .) next to the file to open a dropdown menu and click on "Edit recipients". You will be able to select a classroom, enrollment listing, or program via the search bar or by checking the checkboxes next to their entries. Click "Save" to confirm once complete.

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