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Classroom transition for students on mobile
Classroom transition for students on mobile

Transition students between multiple classrooms throughout the day

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Move your students between classrooms with a few taps

Playground's newest classroom transition feature allows for seamless transitioning of students from classroom to classroom for tracking purposes and to accurately reflect their day-to-day schedules. This feature is only available on the mobile app currently.

Transition your students between classrooms

On the mobile app, tap on the Roster tile, and tap on the three vertical dots on the top right of your view.

A window will populate for you, and you will want to tap on "Transition students".

You will then be prompted to select students from your roster to transition between classrooms. You will notice a bubble with a checkmark next to their entry; tap this bubble to select the student. You can select one or multiple at a time.

Once you have selected the students you want to transition from one classroom to another of your choice, tap the blue "Finish" button at the bottom of your screen.

Once you have tapped the "Finish" button, you will be prompted to select the classroom to transition these students to.

Once you have tapped on the desired classroom, you will notice a green confirmation banner at the top of your screen to confirm the transition was successful.

View a student's original and current classroom

Tap on the Roster tile on the mobile app. Use the search bar to locate the students you transitioned, if necessary. Once you have located the student in your view, you will notice the classroom field has two entries:

  • On the left in blue is the original classroom

  • On the right in green is the classroom they were transitioned to

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