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Switching from a center admin to an enterprise admin
Switching from a center admin to an enterprise admin
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When migrating to enterprise, any administrators at the center level will need to have their old accounts deleted and new ones created at the enterprise level. We are not able to migrate existing center level admin accounts to enterprise level accounts.

Please note the changes that will occur with the switch below:

  • The admin will need to create a new enterprise-level admin account

    • This can only be done after their center-level admin account has been deleted by the Playground team.

  • The enterprise level admin will need to create new chats

    • All existing chats and group chats will not be migrated

  • Enterprise level admins lose the ability to clock-in or out

  • Enterprise staff can only switch between center, not accounts (ie. switch to a teacher or parent view)

Please contact Playground support to let us know the best date and time to handle the migration. It takes about 10 minutes, but the staff who are migrating from center to enterprise level will not be able to use Playground until they create new accounts.

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