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First steps after downloading the Playground app
First steps after downloading the Playground app

Add your student's profile information and additional guardians through the app.

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Welcome to Playground! We are excited to have you here.

After creating your account and downloading the Playground School Management app to your phone, you'll want to start by adding any missing profile information and adding additional guardians and pickups.

At the top of your feed tap "View (your student's name)'s profile". Tap "Edit profile" and begin entering your student's information, such as, birthdays, address, and allergies. You can also add a profile picture at the top. Be sure to tap "Done" in the top right once completed. This information will be visible to your center's administrators once saved.

Next, you'll want to be sure all other guardians and authorized pickups are entered into the app. HERE is how to do so.

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