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Help topics that apply to parents, guardians, and the Family App

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Split Payments for siblingsUse the split payments feature to pay for multiple children at one time.
Two parents paying for a single student
How to set your default payment methodSelect your default payment method that should be charged to pay tuition and other fees.
Guardian billing dashboardThe billing tab of the guardian web version of Playground.
Make a payment on webMake a payment to pay off a balance for your student on the Playground web version.
Add a payment method on webHow to add a payment method using the parent payment portal
Enable autopay on webEnable autopay on the Playground web version so payments to your center can be automatically drafted from your default payment method.
How to view your tax receipt as a parent
Generate a tax statement
Failed paymentsView payments that have failed to process.
Billing portalAn overview of how payments work through Playground
Enable autopay on the parent appA guide to setting up automatic payments for your family balance in the Parent App.
How to add a payment method in the Parent AppTo pay your balance via the Parent App, you can add a credit or debit card or link a bank account for ACH.
How to pay a balance in the Parent AppA guide to paying a balance through the Payments feature on the Parent App.
How to view your statements as a parentView past invoices from your center in the Parent App.
Playground statementsDetailed overview of what a Playground student statement entails.
Manually Verify your Bank AccountVerify a new bank account manually on Playground.