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Sign up for Playground as a guardian
Sign up for Playground as a guardian

A step-by-step guide to getting your account set up as a parent

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In order to sign up for Playground as a guardian, you will need to contact the center your student is attending to receive either a sign-up email or a unique link given to you by a school administrator. The email and unique link can only be provided by the center.

If you cannot find the email, please check your junk mail. If the sign-up email is in neither your inbox nor junk folders, please contact your school administrator for a sign-up email or a direct sign-up link.

Once you receive the email, please read the instructions carefully and follow the "Create Account" button to create your account on our website. The sign up form looks as follows, with your email already in the "Email" field. Do not change this email address, as this is the address connected to your student's account.

After you enter all your information, click "Finish." Your account is created! You can log on to your account at any time by navigating to

Please note that in order to sign your child in or out, you have to be signed into the Playground mobile app. Download the Playground mobile app for iOS or Android and use the email and password you just created to sign in.

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