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FSA/HSA/Dependent Care Accounts
FSA/HSA/Dependent Care Accounts

Learn how to add & use FSA/HSA/Dependent Care Accounts as family payment methods

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FSA/HSA/Dependent Care accounts are potential options that can be added to a family's Playground account to make payments to a program.

Each program can choose what type of payments they'd like to accept (ACH and Credit/Debit cards or ACH only or Credit/Debit cards only), and these settings may limit how certain FSA/HSA/Dependent Care accounts can be utilized.

💡 There may be processing fees associated with either method of payment. Please contact the program for more details on the difference in credit card or ACH fees.

Credit/Debit Card Setup

If your FSA/HSA payment method is in the form of a debit/credit card, complete the steps here to add your payment method to make payments to your program.

If you only see the option to add a bank account, your program may not be accepting Credit/Debit card payments at this time.

Many programs offer more flexibility around accepting payments and may choose to let parents pay in cash, check, or potentially through a 3rd party credit card processing system, these are known as offline payments.

Reach out to your program directly to identify if any of these options are available to you.

ACH Setup

Programs using Playground billing are typically set up to process ACH payments. If your FSA/HSA payment method is in the form of a routing and account number, complete the steps to link your bank account or manually add your bank account to make payments to your program.


Due to the nature of FSA providers and their specific regulations or requirements, there may be some others factors limiting your ability to use this payment method.

If you have the option to add your FSA/HSA account but are experiencing trouble adding the account or using it to pay an invoice, this typically happens when the MCC code for the program (a four-digit number used by credit card companies to classify businesses) is not correctly labeled as child care. In these situations, you should reach out directly to your FSA/HSA and have them whitelist the child care business for approval.

In the meantime, we would suggest adding a different payment method to your Playground account or reaching out to your program directly to discuss alternative or offline payment options to cover any existing charges.

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