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Who should families contact with billing questions?
Who should families contact with billing questions?

Determine which questions Playground can help with and which should be directed to the provider

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If your provider is using Playground Billing, it can be confusing to know who you need to reach out to for answers. This guide should help answer those questions!

When to contact your provider

Providers are responsible for creating and managing all charges, discounts, and refunds.

Since each program sets its own tuition rates and fees, the administrators will be the most knowledgeable about the charges on your bill. They are also responsible for issuing credits or refunds, as well as answering any questions about mandatory autopay.

Some common questions you may ask your provider:

  • What is this fee for?

  • Why is my tuition amount different this month?

  • My child was absent during this period, can you adjust my bill?

  • My tuition amount looks wrong and a discount is missing. Can you help?

  • I didn’t realize the amount of the processing fee when paying by credit card. Can you refund my payment so I can pay with bank account?

  • I need to cancel payment or charge. Can you help?

  • I need my payment refunded. Can you help?

  • How can I disable mandatory autopay?

Please note that neither Playground nor the provider has the capability to cancel, stop, or reverse charges for payments currently with a processing status. The charge must be marked as paid before your program can take action.

🚨 The program handles all refunds.

When to Contact Playground

The friendly Playground Support team is here to support you with your billing-related questions.

Some common questions you may ask Playground:

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