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On My Way Queue For Families
On My Way Queue For Families

Let your center admins and staff know how far away you are from the center for check-in or check-out!

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The On my way queue is a feature that will allow you to notify the center's admins and staff on when they can expect your arrival for pick up and drop off. The On my way queue will help speed up the check in and out process as staff will be able to have your student ready by the time you arrive!

🚨 Administrators will need to enable the On my way queue at the center before you can utilize this feature. If you do not see the Notify staff I'm on my way option on your mobile application, please contact your administrator(s).

Share your ETA with your program

  1. Upon logging into the mobile app, tap on Notify staff I'm on my way above the Feed

  2. Select your student(s)

    1. Single students will be selected by default

  3. Select the ETA that best matches your arrival time

    1. Optionally enter a note to add context to your arrival time

  4. Tap on Notify School to confirm your ETA

Updating your ETA as a family or notify that you've arrived

As you get closer or once you arrive, you can modify your ETA to keep your program in the loop.

  1. Tap on Update ETA next to your expected arrival above the Feed

  2. Select a new, applicable ETA

    1. Tapping on Here now let's the program know you've arrived

  3. Tap on Notify school to confirm

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