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Create custom fields on the profiles for your staff members

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Custom fields

Custom fields allow you to enter and record data and information that is not tracked as a default by Playground. You can record secondary phone numbers, emails, and other information that you find helpful in your day-to-day.

Custom field types

Playground offers different options for the information you would like to record. Playground's custom field types are as follows:

  • Short text

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • Date

  • Single choice

  • Multiple choice

Below we will break down what each custom field type is best used for.

Short text custom fields

Short text custom fields are best used when entering text directly into the field. Some common examples are for allergies. Selecting the short text type allows you to type the allergy right into the custom field.

Phone number custom fields

As the title suggests, the phone number custom fields are best used when entering phone numbers to the staff member's profile.

Email custom fields

Email custom fields are best used when entering additional email addresses for staff members.

Date custom fields

Date custom fields are best used to record a date for a specific event. A general use case for this is if you want to document that staff member's first day at your center.

Single and Multiple choice custom fields

Single and Multiple choice custom fields are great for answering "yes/no" questions for data you want to track.

Create a custom field from start to finish

To start creating custom fields on your staff's profiles, please start by navigating to the Staff tab under My School. You will then want to select any staff member as custom fields are added to all staff profiles once one is created. From the Overview tab in the staff member's profile, you will notice an option in blue which reads as "+ Add custom field".

When clicking on "+ Add custom field", the Add custom field window will populate for you. From this new window, you can reference the sections above to select the best custom field type for the information you would like to record in the "Custom field types" dropdown menu.

Once you have the "Custom field type" selected, you will then be prompted to create the label, or name, for the custom field. Once complete, click "Save" to confirm and add the new custom field.

Once your new field is created, simply click into the field and enter the information you want to record. Once you are done typing, you can click anywhere on the page off of the custom field, and you can watch the data be saved.

Edit or delete a custom field

To edit or delete a custom field you not longer want to use, please hover your mouse next to the text field. You'll notice a small cogwheel icon populates for you. Once you see the cogwheel, click on it and select the "Edit" or "Delete" options.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Any changes you make to the custom field on one profile will update to the other profiles across your Staff tab.

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