Transition staff on web

Transition your staff to different classrooms throughout the day

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Transition staff on web

Click on the Staff tab under My School and locate the staff member you want to transition between classrooms. Click on the checkbox next to the staff member's name.

Once you have clicked on the checkbox next to the staff member's name, you will notice the column headers in the gray header bar have updated to show new options. These options read as:

  • Transition - Move from one classroom to another

  • Assign Class - Assign, not transition, the staff member to a specific classroom

  • Assign Role - Assign the staff member a new Role (Admin, Teacher, etc.)

  • Cancel - Removes the checks from the boxes

Click on "Transition" causing the Transition staff window to populate. Select the proper classroom from the dropdown menu, and then click on "Save" to confirm.

View transitioned staff members in their new classroom

Click on Classrooms under My School and locate the classroom you transitioned the staff member to. You will see two different tabs within the classroom's Staff tab which read as:

  • Homeroom - The homeroom, or originally assigned classroom, for staff members

  • Current - The current classroom the staff member is transitioned into

Click on Current to see the students currently assigned or transitioned to that classroom.

You will notice that staff we transitioned earlier will be visible along with their original classroom listed in the "Classroom" column.

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