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Managing student schedules in the Administrator dashboardCreating and managing student schedules
How to stop Google Chrome from blocking downloads in the Admin DashboardTemporarily or permanently enable your browser to download Playground files and reports.
Settings walkthroughAn overview of the Settings tab of the Playground Admin Dashboard
Email settingsEdit email templates that go out automatically in Playground
General settingsAn overview of Playground's general settings.
Customized view of the Admin DashboardAdjust the columns on the Students or Guardians tabs to display the most important and relevant information.
Whitelisting Playground on your wifiSome centers have firewalls set up -- you may need to whitelist our cloud provider
Guardian notification settingsSelect when guardians should receive notifications from your center.
Manage access and permissions of documents to teachers or parents
How to schedule postsHow to schedule announcements on the admin dashboard.
Schedule settingsEdit the view of the Schedules tab.
View student assessmentsHow to locate the assessments for each student.
Phasing out the Families tabA guide to where to find and how to use the features that have been relocated from the Families tab.
How to lock a student from getting checked inWhat it means to lock a student, how to lock & unlock students, what it looks like for teachers, and more.
Schedule templatesCreate and save custom schedules for your students and staff.
Update timezoneChange the timezone of your Playground dashboard.
Update your stateChange the state your dashboard is set to in your Playground settings.
Daily Report for activity postsSend your activity posts out at the end of the day in bulk.