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How to accept a student through the enrollment flowAccept a student via the enrollment flow in your created enrollment listings.
Board options in the enrollment funnelChoose the information you'd like to see on an applicant's card in the enrollment funnel.
Enrollment FAQFrequently asked questions about the enrollment flow
How to delete a student from the dropped column of the enrollment funnel
View a completed application
Parent-view of enrolling to a listing
Enrollment formsBuild out your application with questions a family will answer in order to apply to your center
Turn off automatic emails sent through enrollmentAutomatic emails are sent out by default as students move through the enrollment funnel. Follow the steps below to turn this off.
Center detailsAdd your center's information on an enrollment listing.
Enrollment plansCreate price points for specific schedules or groups of students for guardians to apply to.
Enrollment additional charges
Cannot accept students via enrollment
Plan groupsCreate groupings for your enrollment plans to better organize and categorize your pricing options.
Delete a plan grouping
Set up re-enrollmentHave existing families re-enroll to your center through Playground!
Set up summer camp enrollment
How to make discounts on enrollmentNavigate fees and discounts on your enrollment dashboard
How to disable a studentGraduate or drop a student on the admin dashboard
Admin only comments in PlaygroundHow to add notes for yourself about an enrollment application
Edit the plan a student enrolled inChange the original plan the guardian enrolled their student into.
Add programs/add-ons to a student's enrollment application prior to acceptanceAdd additional programs to a student's enrollment.
Add programs/add-ons to a student's enrollment application after acceptanceAdd an additional program after a student has been accepted through enrollment.
Export enrollment listing dataHow to export a report on your enrollment listing.
Programs through enrollment listingsAdd additional programs that a family can register for when applying to your center.
Edit a student's enrollmentChange the plan or program a student originally enrolled for.
Add documents to your enrollment listingSelect documents that guardians must complete prior to submitting an application to your center.
How to edit an enrollment listingEditing an enrollment listing for administrators
Create an enrollment listing for your centerA tutorial for Admins to create a listing where families can complete the application process online.
Enrollment email templates
Sharing your enrollment listing linkGiving families direct access to your center's enrollment page.
Managing the Enrollment funnelHow to manage applications once they've been submitted.
Bulk enrolling students into programsCreate a new program and bulk enroll students into the program
Conditional questions on formsAsk parents specific questions based on previous question responses.
Enrollment email settingsReceive notifications when an application is moved into different enrollment statuses.
Predictive enrollmentView utilization rates, open and filled seats, and classroom capacity for enrollment