What is Playground?

Here for the first time? See how Playground can help; from attendance and billing, to parent engagement and enrollment.

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Playground is the most comprehensive and user-friendly software platform for early education. Coming from a family deeply rooted in the preschool space, in early 2019, Playground was founded to create easier, more accessible childcare software for preschools and parents to take advantage of. In the years since, we have expanded on that vision to bring parents, teachers, and school administrators the best possible product.

What we offer:

Playground offers a variety of features to fit the diverse needs of any center:

  • Multiple check-in/check-out & attendance tracking methods, including carline, check-in kiosk, and more

  • COVID health screenings and attestations

  • Parent invoicing, payments, and online bill payments

  • Health, attendance, and COVID reports (licensing approved in all 50 states)

  • Classroom and family timelines for activity, photo, and video sharing

  • In-app messaging

  • Announcements

Outside of our product, Playground also offers a variety of things that our customers love, including:

Comprehensive Support – Playground assigns each center a customer success manager to ensure your needs are met as both an individual and a school. We also have a robust Help Center, live chat (with an average response time under 3 minutes), and multiple other channels for 1-on-1 support.

Safety & Security – At Playground, we know nothing is more important than keeping students and staff safe. That's why we built Playground to be the fastest and most secure app in early education, and why thousands of parents, teachers, and administrators rely on Playground every day.

Hassle Free – Here at Playground we thoroughly analyze all our products to ensure anyone can use them–and we mean anyone. We guarantee your customer satisfaction and provide all the tools you need to ensure your success, including staff & parent onboarding as well as constant feedback.

Simple Platforms – Playground has two main platforms. Our easy-to-use iOS and Android apps allow parents and staff to perform daily actions on behalf of students, while our administrator dashboard provides school administrators with all the tools they need for a smooth, successful school year.

Happy Customers – Playground has consistently been rated 5 stars in the app store, and over 90% of parents and administrators would recommend us to a friend. Playground makes an impact – right away.

"The platform made our sign-in lightning fast and we no longer have to make sign-in/out sheets every week. "

"Our parents love the touchless signing, which has been indispensable during the pandemic."

"The team provides friendly support, quick and helpful service — always."

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