QR Code self check-in is one of the easiest ways to sign a student in or out on a parent device. QR code is one of the two options available in Kiosk Mode (the other is PIN code), which locks the teacher or administrator device to that specific screen to ensure no sensitive student information can be seen. An administrator must enable kiosk mode with the blue toggle as seen in the screenshot below.

There are two ways to allow parents to scan your schools' QR code:

Using a mobile device (phone or tablet):

Kiosk mode can also be accessed from the teacher or administrator mobile app. This is ideal if you need the QR code to be mobile for guardians in cars, or if you will be moving and talking to parents while they are signing. To use a mobile device for QR mode:

  • Click "Kiosk" in the top of your screen:

  • To enable the screen lock, tap "Lock" in the upper right hand corner and enter your school's secret four digit code on the Enter Staff PIN screen. Do not share this code with non staff members.

  • You will then be returned to the Kiosk Mode screen and see "Unlock" in the upper right confirming it is locked.

    • If you wish to return to the home screen, tap "Lock" and re-enter the school PIN code.

When guardians scan the QR code, they will be taken through the self check-in flow on their own device. Multiple guardians are able to scan the QR code at one time to allow for guardians to check their students in/out in parallel.

Printing the QR codes:

The most common way to allow parents to check their students in/out every day is to print the QR code from the administrator dashboard. By printing multiple copies, you can hang them up outside your classroom or school and have multiple "signing stations" so many parents can scan the QR code at once:

  • Navigate to the administrator dashboard, and go into the Settings tab on the left menu bar

  • Click the "Print" button in the top right corner to print out the QR code for the day.

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