Playground's PIN (Personal Identification Number) codes enable each user to perform unique tasks such as enabling kiosk mode for student check-in/out, completing check-in/out as a guardian, and clock-in/out for staff.

Kiosk mode enables centers to use a school device so guardians can check students in/out for their students using a family PIN code (or QR code scan). Staff can also use kiosk mode to clock-in/out with their app using a QR scan or personal PIN code.

The device can be a school tablet or even a teacher or administrator's own phone and they are signed in to Playground. We've written a comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of this which you can access by clicking here.

Staff Clock-In/Out

The other PIN code usage enables staff to use the Faculty Directory on a device where the administrator has logged in to clock-in/out. On the device you would like to turn into a clock-in/out kiosk—this can be a phone or a tablet—login to the Administrator App.

On the Home screen, scroll to and tap on the "Faculty Directory" tile. The staff member can either tap on their name (where a menu will pop up with a "Clock In" or "Clock Out" option) or tap on the blue "Clock in/out Kiosk" button.

On the Clock In/Out screen, they will enter their unique 4-digit PIN code and return to the Faculty Directory screen to complete the process.

If a staff member has forgotten their PIN code, there are two ways to locate the code. On the Teacher App, have the teacher start on the Home screen. Scroll down to and tap on the "My Account" tile to reach the My Account screen. Here, under the "Signing" section, tap on "View PIN code." A pop-up will appear and display the staff member's PIN code.

How to locate your personal PIN code:

You can also view a staff member's PIN code by profile from the Administrator Dashboard. Navigate to the "Staff" menu on the dashboard; click on their name and then click on the "Settings" tab on their profile. To the right of "Signing PIN," click on the eye icon to reveal the 4-digit PIN code.

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