How to set up a program

Extracurricular activities can be managed as Programs through the Administrator Dashboard.

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Navigate to the Programs tab on the Administrator Dashboard and click the "Add program" button.

The Add program window will open with the following criteria to enter or toggle:

  • Program name

  • Active Program toggle: if enabled, the program will be visible in the app for you to enroll students into

  • Guardian self check-in toggle: if enabled, guardians can check their students into a program immediately after signing their student in

You can choose from four different types of fees to add to a program:

  • No fee: for programs that are free

  • Flat fee per check-in: a one-time price for every time the student is checked into this specific program. For example, hot lunch is $5 every time it is ordered.

  • Time based rate: dollar amount per minute of being checked into the program. For example, after school care.

  • Enrollment fee: a one time fee to be enrolled in the program. For example, soccer club.

To enroll a student to a program

Once the program has been created, click on the program from the Programs tab. In the top right, click the "Enroll Student" button. Type the names of all the students you wish to enroll and select them from the dropdown. You can add as many students as you'd like to each program.

  • Note: Even if a student is not enrolled in a specific program, you can still check them into that program on the mobile app. Enrollment is just for your own records.

Now that the Program has been created, you (teachers & administrators) can check students in and out of it with this article.

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