If your center decides to use Playground's payments feature, you can manage and make payments on your balance directly in the Parent App. Through Stripe, our payments processor, Playground accepts payment from credit or debit card, or from bank account via ACH.

To add a new payment method in the Parent App, start on the Home screen. Click the Menu icon in the top left corner and click on the "Payments" to reach the Payments Portal screen. Click "Payment methods" to reach the Payment Methods screen. Here, you will be prompted to add your first payment method; if you already have methods added, you can view and manage them here.

To add a new method, tap the blue plus sign on the upper right corner of the screen or click "Add Payment Method". The "Add Payment Method" options menu will appear. Tap the appropriate method.

How to add a Credit Card

Enter the required information in the appropriate fields and then tap "Submit." You'll be returned to the Payment Methods screen, with a notification confirming your new payment method has been added.

How to add a bank account (ACH)

If you select this option, you'll be asked if you want to connect your bank account using Plaid (recommended) or manually (using Stripe).

**About Plaid**

With Plaid, you can securely connect your financial accounts to an app (Playground) in seconds. Playground or Plaid do not share your personal information without your permission, and we don’t sell or rent it to outside companies. Additionally, we do not store the login/password credentials used to connect to your financial account when setting up payments via Plaid.

If you select the Plaid option, you will be asked to login to your bank account for immediate access to funds and ability to pay.

If you select to Manually verify account numbers, the account will need to be verified by Stripe through a micro-deposit verification. Stripe will send two micro-deposit transfers—a small amount, no larger than $1.00—to your bank account. These transactions can take 1-2 business days to appear in your account.

When the micro-deposits have appeared in your bank account, return to the Payment Methods screen and tap your unverified bank account to reach the Verify Bank Account screens. Enter the two amounts in cents and then tap "Verify Bank Account." You'll receive a banner notification confirming you have successfully verified your account.

Once verification is complete, Stripe will automatically refund the micro-deposits from your account.

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