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How to create an attendance signature report
How to create an attendance signature report

A guide to creating and adjusting a dynamic attendance signature report for licensing.

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With Playground's Reports feature, you can instantly generate attendance reports with a customizable date range. You can also specify which class or student for whom you want to generate a report, as well as adjust the number of sign-in/out signatures you see.

To learn more about generating program reports instead, refer to this article.

How to generate an attendance signature report

An attendance signature report will show you at what times a student was checked in/out each day and by which guardian. From the lefthand sidebar on the Administrator Dashboard, navigate to the Reports page. You'll see several different categories of reports; click on the "Attendance" tile to reach the Attendance Reports page.

At the top of the Attendance Reports page, you'll see the different properties you can customize to your liking; to the right of these categories is the "Generate Report" button. Make sure that the "Report Type" has "Attendance Daily" selected in order to see the correct properties for this type of report.

"Start Date" and "End Date" allow you to select the exact date range for which you would like to generate a report. To adjust, click on the calendar icon to open the date selection pop-up. You can use the sideways carets at the top of the calendar to move between months. When you select the date you want, the pop-up will automatically close and your new selected date will appear in the appropriate property.

"Group" determines whose signature information appears on the report. If you select "Class" or "Single Student," a new field will appear. Click into this field and start typing to search either your classroom list or your student roster.

"Show More Signatures" determines whether the report displays only the first sign-in and last sign-out of the day, or the signatures for each sign-in/out for a student in that day.

When the fields are adjusted to your liking, click the blue "Generate Report" button.

Your report will appear, as well as two buttons on the upper right of the report: the option to export the report as a CSV file or to print the report by saving it as a PDF. Use either of these methods to share your attendance signature report.

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