We love receiving feedback about Playground—in fact, 4 out of every 5 new features come from user requests! Feedback helps us to continuously improve existing Playground features, add new ones, and keep up with how our users want Playground to enable the best child care experiences.

How to send feedback

On the Home screen, navigate to and tap on the "My Account" tile to reach the My Account screen. Under the "Support" section, tap on "Give us feedback" which will launch the default email app on your mobile device.

From here, you can type and send an email as you normally would, including photos or screen shots to add more detail to the feedback being shared. The email will be delivered directly to our Support team who will follow up with you directly to learn more about the request(s).

(Please note: We include some technical details about the device which include the version of Playground currently installed so our team has all the necessary information to support the request.)

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