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How to Apply to a Center
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From the listing link you’ve been given, you will be able to see all of the center’s information and available plans for enrollment.

In order to register your student, click the blue button in the top right corner of the listing, above the center's email address. You'll be prompted to select from three options in order to set up your account correctly:

  • I already have a family account for the student I am enrolling

    • You will be prompted to login to Playground

  • Someone in my family has a family account for the student I am enrolling, but I do not

    • You will be prompted to request an invite from a family member who has a Playground account for this student

  • No one in my family has a family Playground account for the student I am enrolling

    • You will be prompted to create a family account

Select the best plan for your student by clicking on the blue button in the bottom right of the plan you’d like to enroll in.

Enter all of the required information on the enrollment form. Click "Next" at the very bottom of the screen once completed. You can register additional children after submitting this form.

Select any additional programs or add-ons you'd like to enroll your student in. You can view the summary of charges on the right hand side of the screen. Click "Next: Confirm & pay" when finished.

Confirm the information you’ve entered prior to submitting your application. In the Pricing details section on the right, you'll see three sections of charges:

  • Due upon application: charged immediately

  • Due upon acceptance: charged automatically if your student is accepted by the center to the credit card provided

  • Due on first billing period: due according to the start date of the listing you've enrolled to

Enter your payment information and any promo code to receive a discount. Please be advised, all credit card charges are subject to a fee of 3% +$0.30. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions by selecting the checkbox. Once completed, click "Submit application".

Once you've submitted your application, you'll have a few next steps to complete as seen in the screen below:

  1. Invite additional guardians to Playground

  2. Download the Playground app

  3. Complete any documents requested by your center

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