How to add a single student
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From the Admin Dashboard, click on the Students tab on the left hand side. Click the blue "Add students" drop-down menu on the right side of the screen and then click "Add single student".

Complete the Add Student window with the new student's information and then click the blue "Finish" button in the bottom right corner. Every new student must have a name, classroom, and at least one guardian in order to be added. You are welcome to add additional information for the student while adding them to Playground by clicking the "Show additional information" drop-down. Additional information can also be added from the student's profile at any time. You can add all siblings in the Add Student window by selecting the blue "+Add sibling" button. If a sibling or family is already in the dashboard, make sure the checkbox next to "This student's family already exists" is selected and search for the guardian or family in the "Find a guardian or family" field.

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