Connect a form field

Use connecting a form field in your fillable PDF documents to auto-fill information you already have.

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Navigate to the Paperwork tab of the Admin Dashboard and click "Documents" at the top. Click the three dots to the right of the document you'd like to add connected form fields to and "Edit" or create a new fillable PDF. Begin adding in your fillable fields from the right side Add fields menu or click onto the field you'd like to connect. Click "Connect a form field" in the Settings section on the right hand side.

The Connect a form field window will open. In the Select where the information is coming from drop-down menu, select where you'd like your information to be connected from. You can choose from:

  • Student: if you'd like information to connect from a student's profile

  • Guardian: if you'd like information to connect from the guardian's profile

  • Forms: if you'd like information to connect from an existing form, like an enrollment form

In the Connect a form field drop-down menu, select the specific piece of information that you'd like to auto-fill. Click the blue "Connect field" button.

You'll notice the field now has a link icon indicating it's a connected form field. When parents go in to complete this information, the connected fields will auto-populate with the linked information.

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