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Preparing for the last day of school
Preparing for the last day of school

Follow this guide to end the school year off strong!

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The following steps will ensure you are prepared to start your summer program or the new school year in Playground.


Marking a classroom or student as "Inactive" allows you to keep their data in your dashboard for your records and allows parents to have access to documents and statements. Inactive classrooms or students are hidden from the app.

  • Create a "Graduated" or "Archived" classroom to move students into on the last day of school

Summer Programs or Camps

Schedule Future Class Changes

If you've already created your roster for the next school year, you can enter future class changes for your students to occur on a specific date, like the first day of school.

  • Schedule future class changes for students staying at your center that will transition classrooms next school year

  • You can also schedule to move students who are graduating into an Inactive classroom on the last day of school

Review Balances

Check that guardians have paid their remaining or overdue balances and send them a statement.

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