Subsidy Tracking

Track subsidy payments from 3rd party agencies

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For child care programs receiving subsidy payments from state, federal, local or other 3rd party agencies, you can use Playground to manage these agency payments.

Subsidies Dashboard

Under your Billing tab, navigate to Subsidies. This page will list all of your existing agencies, along with the amount you've received and distributed from the agency.

Add an agency

  1. Click Add agency

  2. Add the agency name

  3. Optionally add the Agency ID and/or description

  4. Click Save

Subsidy Detail

Click into an agency from the list to see more deposit details.

  1. Date is the date of the deposit

  2. Expected amount is the amount your program expects to receive from the agency. You may have discrepancies between the amount you expect and the amount you receive. Playground has tools to ensure you stay on top of the adjusted amount.

  3. Received amount is the actual amount received in the deposit.

Record a deposit payment

When a subsidy payment is received from a specific agency, navigate to the Subsidy dashboard and click on the subsidy. In the top right corner, click "Add deposit".

Expecting a subsidy payment

  1. Enter the date and total expected in the top section

  2. Fill in the expected amount for each student

  3. Press finish in the top right to save your progress. When the payment arrives, proceed to the next step

Receiving a subsidy payment

  1. Enter total received in the top section

  2. Fill in the received amount for each student

  3. For each student where the received amount was less than the expected amount, you have 2 options:

    1. Waive: This will waive the adjustment amount and the guardians will not see any change in their balance.

    2. Charge: This will charge the primary guardian adjustment amount and add the amount to their balance.

  4. Press finish in the top right to save. Once you save with received amounts entered, the parents will see any charged adjustments on their balance.

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