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Learn how to automate the uploading of CCA attendance

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Playground has partnered with Early Childhood Iowa to make uploading your CCA attendance a breeze. Whether you're an at home child care or child care center, see the steps below to learn how to upload all your attendance data with just a few clicks!

Note: this guide assumes you have been taking attendance on Playground and that you have not uploaded any attendance data for the given two-week CCA period.

1. Take attendance on Playground

To upload your attendance data into your portal, Playground needs to have the data. You can see this guide on how to take attendance as an administrator or this guide on how to allow parents to sign their students in/out. Once you have your attendance data for the two week period you want to upload, go to step 2.

2. Head over to the Integrations tab

Click on the Integrations tab and then click CCA Attendance from the list. You should then be in your Playground CCA portal.

3. Watch the 1 minute video below to see how it works

Whether you have 5 students data to upload or 50, Playground turns the entire process into just a few clicks. Some things to note:

  • Double check your data. It can not be edited once you submit it.

  • Attendance can't be uploaded via Playground if you've already submitted any data for that pay period via the KinderTrack portal. Please do not submit any data outside of Playground, and note that pay periods open up on the last day for the period.

  • You need to fix any attendance errors before submitting. For example, if a student is missing a check out for a day but they were checked in, you will need to correct that by pressing the Edit button on the attendance row before you are able to upload the data.


What data is sent?

Playground sends the following information: Who presses the "submit" button, Child Id, Parent Id, attendance day, signature times, if the student was absent, and the note on the absence.

Can I submit the data multiple times?

Iowa - You may only submit the data one time. If you need to make changes after submitting the data, you must reach out.

Other States - You can submit data as many times as you'd like, until you press the "submit" button within the KinderConnect portal. Each time you submit data it will overwrite the previously submitted data. Once you submit the data uploaded to KinderConnect, you will not be able to submit data from Playground for that time period again

I'm missing a student on the portal

If you believe there is a student who receives child care subsidies but does not appear on the portal to map students, you will need to reach out to your agency to ensure they are properly enrolled in your school.

If the student is appearing to map to a student in Playground, but you do not have a Playground student to map them to, you can create them by following this guide on how to add a student.

If you have any questions, reach out to [email protected] for assistance, or use our live chat feature.



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