Classroom ratios

Ensure you have staff coverage for all students in a class

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What is a classroom ratio on Playground?

When you create or edit a classroom via the ellipsis(. . .) in your Classroom tab, there will be an optional field for the "Student ratio". The ratio's purpose is to ensure you have enough teachers for a specific classroom. Additionally, you can view the current ratios for all classrooms from the Classroom tab.

How to locate your out of ratio classroom(s)

Playground will display a red exclamation(!) mark next to your Classrooms tab as an indicator that one of your classrooms is out of ratio. When clicking into the Classrooms tab, you will also notice a banner error message that will direct you to the specific classroom(s).

Why are my classrooms out of ratio?

Classrooms that are created or edited to include ratios will display the above error banner when the amount of checked-in students exceeds the set amount of clocked-in teachers or staff. As an example, we'll take a look at the classroom below. The ratio for this classroom is 10 students to every 3 teachers/staff members.

If we have 10 students checked-in but only 2 staff members clocked-in, then the ratio of checked-in students will exceed the amount of clocked-in teachers due to only having 10 students per 2 staff members.

Incorrect Ratio

In the example below, if we have 10 students checked-in and 3 staff members clocked-in, then the ratio of checked-in students will be equal to the ratio as there are 10 students per 3 staff members.

Correct Ratio

To correct classrooms that are out of ratio, ensure that the proper amount of staff is correctly added and clocked-in to service the ratio of that specific classroom.

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