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Late fee charges for overdue payments
Late fee charges for overdue payments

Create late fees to charge guardians for overdue payments

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View which families are overdue

To create late fees for your students, a comprehensive list of all overdue payments can be found in the Overdue tab in your Statements dashboard nestled under Billing. You will notice the status on the Statements dash for the students will reflect as "Overdue".

Create late fees for overdue payments

To charge the families a late fee for their overdue payment, you will want to click on the blue "Create Charge" button in the top right of the Statements dashboard.

You will be directed to create a charge for single or multiple students in bulk if needed. In this example we will be creating a charge for the three students in the images above. Click on the checkboxes next to the applicable students. You will notice the students populate on the right side of your screen. Confirm that the correct students have been checked off and click "Continue".

Once "Continue" has been clicked, you will be able to create a charge for the currently selected students. You will want to enter a line item that will be displayed on the statement for the guardians and ensure the fee is correct. Now that you have confirmed the line item and fee amount, click "Save item".

  • TIP: You can create a Saved item in your Billing Overview dashboard to quickly add the line item and fee by selecting your "Late fee" saved item from the Item name field dropdown menu.

The system will prompt you to review the currently added charge, and you can click on "Continue" to proceed.

You will now be able to review how the charge will appear on guardian statements. If you would like to send a notification to the guardians that the charge is being added, then you can enable the "Send guardians notification" checkbox above the students on the right side of your screen. Once confirmed, click "Create Charges".

Your late fee charges have now been created and added to the student's profile!

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