Schedule templates

Create and save custom schedules for your students and staff.

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Create a saved schedule

Click on Scheduling and then click on Schedules.

You will be navigated to Playground's Schedules dashboard. You can create a saved schedule template from any tab in the Schedules dashboard by clicking on the blue "Manage schedules" button. This will open a dropdown menu, and you will want to select "Create new template".

The Create schedule template window will populate for you, and you will be able to enter a name for your new schedule, the start and end times, and which days you would like this to apply to. For this example, we'll create a schedule named "Red Group" for Monday and Friday. You can click on the days to enable them for your created schedule. Click "Save template" to save your newly created schedule template.

Review your saved schedules

Click on the Templates tab in Schedules. You will be able to view all of your currently created saved schedules, and you can edit them via the ellipsis(. . .) in the same row.

Add a saved schedule to a student or staff member

On either the Students or Staff tabs in Schedules, click the blue "Manage schedules" button. You'll have the option to add one of your saved schedules as a one-time schedule, or a recurring schedule.

Click on the option that makes the most sense for the schedule you want to add, and you will be directed to the Add scheduled time window. You'll now be able to select the saved schedule and have it apply by clicking on the "Select a schedule" dropdown.

Once you have filled out the Add scheduled time window, click "Save"!

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