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Upload multiple students via roster
Upload multiple students via roster
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Click on the Students tab under My School on the Administrator Dashboard. Click on the blue "Add Students" button on the right side of the page to open a dropdown menu and then click "Upload multiple students via roster."

You'll be brought to the Upload School Roster page. Click the upload icon in the gray box to open your computer's document selection pop-up and select the CSV file of your roster.

To ensure your CSV file is formatted correctly, you can download our sample roster by clicking on "Download roster". If you're having any trouble uploading your roster, feel free to send your roster and school name to [email protected], and we can upload your roster for you.

Once your roster has been successfully uploaded, click "Continue" on the bottom right.

You will be directed to the Review Changes page, where you can verify that your roster has been processed correctly. If you're happy with how your roster's information has been uploaded, click "Continue." You'll be returned to your school's page on the Administrator Dashboard and receive a notification that your students are being imported into your dashboard. This process can take up to five minutes.

If a student already exists, Playground's system will automatically update the student's existing profile with the new roster information.

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