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Merge siblings into one family
Merge siblings into one family

Merge separate sibling accounts into one family account

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Merge separated sibling students into one family account

There are many situations where a student can be enrolled, or manually added, separately from their sibling, and Playground offers to merge any student accounts that should be connected as a family.

If you need student accounts merged, please send an email to [email protected] with the below formatting. You can copy and paste this template into your email!

Family merger template

Center name:

Guardian1 Name:
Guardian1 Email:

Guardian2 Name:
Guardian2 Email:

Student1 that needs to be merged:
Student2 that needs to be merged:


Please include a short sentence or two explaining the above, and please feel free to add in more sibling or student fields depending on the size of the family. Please use one template per family. If you require multiple family mergers, please send one email with multiple templates.

We will contact you if necessary!

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