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Detailed overview of what a Playground student statement entails.

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At the very top of a Playground statement, you'll receive basic center, student, and balance information including:

  • Statement #

  • Date the statement was generated (below statement #)

  • School information, including Tax ID, if provided by the center

  • Student/s names

  • Amount due: Current balance due, including overdue amounts

  • Due date of the current balance

Next, you'll see a Statement summary section. This section will include:

  • (+) Overdue balance amount

  • (+) Debits: new charges due for the current billing cycle

  • (-) Credits & payments: any deductions or payments made that would reduce the current balance

  • (=) Ending balance: the total of the above three numbers

Below the summary, you'll see an itemized Ledger. This section will include every single charge, payment, and credit recorded for the time period of the statement. The columns in this section include:

  • Invoice date: date the charge is added to the student's current balance

  • Item: description or name of the charge with service dates below the item name

  • Due date

  • Student/s names

  • Charges: (+) additions to the current balance

  • Credit: (-) deductions or payments made that reduce the current balance

  • Balance: a running current balance along the right hand side as charges and credits are added to the statement

The very last page of every Playground statement will include an itemzied list of payments made. This is often used for end of year taxes or to submit to employers for reimbursement. This section will include:

  • Date of payment

  • Payment method

  • Amount paid

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