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An overview of how payments work through Playground

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Payments for your student(s) can be made on the Playground App or on the web version of Playground.

On the Playground app

Open the Playground app and sign in. If you have never signed in before, please reach out to your center's Administrator to help you create an account. Once signed in, tap the three lines in the top left corner of your screen and then tap Billing. The Billing portal screen will open where you will see the following sections:

On web

Login to Playground. Click Billing on the left hand menu. Refer to THIS article to navigate the Billing dashboard on a computer.

General information

  • Balances in Playground are on a per family basis. This means that if you have multiple students in a center, your Current balance will reflect the sum of each student's balance. HERE is more information on splitting up payments for siblings.

  • Your center will decide whether payments on your family balance are due on a weekly or monthly basis, as well as which day payment invoices are sent out. If you have notifications enabled, our system helps you manage these dates by sending you a notice when a new invoice has been applied to your account and reminders for payment due dates.

  • Any primary guardian on your student's account can see the balance and make a payment.

Download the Playground mobile app for iOS or Android. Check out our guide on signing into the Playground app.

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