Generating Program Reports

Click on the Reports tab and select Attendance. From the Report Type dropdown you can either select Programs - Daily or Programs - Total.

Programs - Daily

This report shows a daily breakdown for how long a student is in a program. This program the check-in, check-out, and total time for that specific date. You can run this report for your entire center or just for a specific class or student. You can also choose date range for the report.

Programs - Total

This report shows the total amount of time a student has spent in a program for a given date range.

Editing Program Times

If a parent is overcharged or someone forgets to check a student into or out of a program, you can edit a student's check-in or check-out time for a given date. To do this, click on the student's name in the dashboard. Under the student's Overview tab, find the Programs Log section and click the three dots for the date you want to edit. Select Edit and change the check-in and check-out times.

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