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How to upload/change a profile picture
How to upload/change a profile picture

You can upload, remove, and change your profile photo on the mobile app.

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Your profile photo on Playground identifies you to the administrators, teachers, and parents of your center. To upload, remove, or change your profile photo, start on the Home screen. Your profile photo appears on the upper left of the screen when you click the three-line menu button; if you don't have a photo, the default icon will display your name. To make changes, tap the photo or icon. An options menu will appear with the choice to "Edit profile photo" or "Sign out." Select an image from your "Media Library." (You'll need to give the app permission to access your camera and/or photo album.)

If you choose the "Take Photo" option, your mobile device's camera will open. Once you take a photo, you have the option to retake, resize, or reposition it. To resize, use two fingers to zoom in or out; to reposition, drag with one finger. If you upload an image from your media library, you still have the option to resize or reposition your image. When you're happy with the image, tap "Choose" to save it.

You can follow these steps to change your profile photo as often as you like.

To remove your profile photo, tap on your profile photo, select "Edit profile photo" to bring up the options menu. Select "Remove current photo" to delete your profile photo.

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