How to apply a credit

A guide to applying a credit to a student balance from the Administrator Dashboard.

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Apply a credit to a student's balance

To apply a credit to a student's balance, start on the Debit Transactions page under the Billing tab of the Administrator Dashboard. Here in the Transactions tab, you can view all of your center's debit and credit transactions. To create a credit, click the "Actions" button on the upper right of the page and select "Add credit" from the dropdown menu.

A window titled Add Credit will appear with fields for the student or guardian name, date, and credit description, as well as a box to check if the credit is tax deductible, a subsidy, financial aid, or a donation. To enter the credited amount, please use the "Family" field to find the correct student or guardian. For the student name, begin typing in the box to search your student roster; select the correct name when it appears in the dropdown list. The system will automatically populate the Add Credit window with the name of the student, their siblings(if applicable), and the balance on the account(s).

Complete the Add Credit window fields and click the blue "Add Credit" button on the bottom of the window to confirm.

You'll be returned to the Credit Transactions page and receive a notification that your payment has been successfully recorded. This page is also where you'll now see a record of the credit you just created in credit transactions table.

From here, you can view, edit, or delete the credit by clicking on the ellipsis(. . .) menu to the right of the credit. The menu has multiple options such as:

  • Click "Edit" to open a pop-up similar to the "Add Credit" pop-up—the only field you cannot edit is the student.

  • Click "Delete" to open a confirmation of removal pop-up, and then click "Delete" to confirm or "Cancel" to cancel.

  • Once a credit has been deleted, it is no longer visible to administrators or parents.

View credits on a student's profile

You can also view credits applied to a specific student's balance by navigating to the student's profile page. On the Administrator Dashboard under the Students tab, scroll or use the search bar to find a student and then click on their name. This will bring you to their profile; then click on the Payments tab, and then click on Credits.

Add credits from the student's profile

You will also find the same "Actions" button that you did in the Credit Transactions tab on the student profile within their Payments tab. You can follow the same process outlined above to add the credit from the student's Payments tab within their profile.

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