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Assign multiple students to a new class
Assign multiple students to a new class

A guide to switching students from one classroom to another on the Administrator Dashboard.

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On the Admin Dashboard, navigate to the Students tab. Click on the check boxes to the left of the student's names you'd like to move to another class. After you've checked at least one box, an action menu will appear on the top of the student roster table. When you're done selecting students, click on the "Assign Class" option.

The Assign class window will appear with the names of the students you have selected. Select the class you'd like to assign students to in the Class drop-down menu.

If you would like the class change to happen immediately, make sure the checkmark to the left of "Execute action immediately" is selected and click "Save".

If you would like to schedule the class change for the future, uncheck the "Execute action immediately" checkbox. The Date field will appear where you can select the specific date you'd like the class change to occur. After selecting the date, click "Save"

View the class change on the Student's Overview tab in the Changes & Actions section.

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